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Spring Offer: If you switch from another storage provider, as well as FREE transport, we will provide FREE loading too. (To qualify, collection must be direct from them and not from a private address).

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1 easyPod: 35ft² 2 easyPods: 70ft² 3 easyPods: 105ft² 4 easyPods: 140ft² 5 easyPods: 175ft² 6 easyPods: 210ft²
metric imperial

(D) 2000 mm x (W) 1400 mm x (H) 2250 mm

3m²    6.5m³

(D) 2000 mm x (W) 2800 mm x (H) 2250 mm

6m²    13m³

(D) 2000 mm x (W) 2800 mm x (H) 2250 mm

6m²    13m³

(D) 4000 mm x (W) 2800 mm x (H) 2250 mm

12m²    26m³

(D) 4000 mm x (W) 2800 mm x (H) 2250 mm

12m²    26m³

(D) 4000 mm x (W) 4250 mm x (H) 2250 mm

18m²    39m³

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{{vm.paymentSummary.moversCount}} people to load
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Van transport (free)
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